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I’ve always been in total awe of mothers. The closest I come to having a baby is caring for my dog and running my business, a world away from being responsible for breathing tiny humans. When considering who to explore this topic with, I knew that Megan, as a mother of two young boys and […]

Without a doubt, one of my favourite things about what I do is meeting the people I get to work with. I always value people who can be honest and are willing to show the behind the scenes of what they do because that’s such an important part of running a business – the actual […]

What first comes to mind when I say ‘self-care?’ A bubble bath? Relaxing on an exotic beach with a book? Yoga? Since I made the conscious decision for this podcast to cover the unspoken topics of running your own business, I knew right away that I needed to speak about self-care, and not the fluffy […]

We all know that running a business can be incredibly challenging for us as entrepreneurs, but I think we often disregard the (sometimes negative) impact what we do can have on those around us. So much of what I’ve achieved wouldn’t have happened without the support of those around me, but dealing with someone who […]

Ever have those days where you get to 6pm and it feels like you’ve achieved nothing but scroll through Instagram and open the fridge about 4 times an hour *hoping* there’s something appealing in there?I’m so with you. As one girl bands, our time is precious and this episode is here to ensure you’re making […]

Let’s talk money. In business, it’s often a taboo subject, but it really shouldn’t be which is why for todays podcast episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Julia Day, the savvy financial coach behind Easy As Vat. This lovely lady is on a mission to make managing money easy for creative female entrepreneurs […]