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So you’re looking to start a podcast? I was in your shoes just over a year ago and I get how it feels – overwhelming, totally new and a little confusing? Yep, I have been there. When I was looking for help online, I was totally overwhelmed with everything involved in launching a podcast. From […]

Would your business survive without Instagram? Survive may seem like a bit of an extreme word, but in actual fact, so many business’ solely rely on the app to market their goods or services. It’s understandable. Instagram is ‘the place to be’ for many of us; it feels fun, relevant, and natural, so why work […]

The start of the year isn’t always the easiest. You’re transitioning back into work after taking time off, everyone seems to be adding to the noise of ‘new year new me’ and you’re sat questioning if you’re capable of reaching the goals you’re setting…  This episode is a total must listen if you’re resonating with […]

Curious about how others are finding getting ‘back to it’ after taking a break from work? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the looming tax return deadline? Well this episode is most certainly for you. I sat down with Julia Day (financial coach and overall lovely person) to chat about our experience of easing back into […]

Whilst ‘new year new me’ isn’t my thing, I’m all for using any opportunity to look ahead, set intentions and get my tiny brain in gear. So in the first episode of 2019, I’m talking all things INTENTIONS. Tune in to discover just how I did at achieving my 2018 intentions, find out the personal […]

The trajectory of the next 2 weeks has changed, a lot. I’m a little anxious to see what life without work (and now, a boyfriend) holds. What will I do? How will I feel? Who will I report back to and stay connected to? We’ll see, won’t we.  Day 1 Got a bit tipsy by […]