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Let’s be real, navigating money in a business can be and has been for me, incredibly complex. From paying tax and making investments to dealing with the fluctuating income and separating business from personal, there’s a whole lot to figure out and understand. When I first started my business (tbt to 18 year old me […]

Let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than listening to a podcast and it just so happens to fit into my everyday really, really well. Walking the dog? Podcast. Driving solo? Podcast. Craving some distraction? Yes, you guessed it, podcast. They’re one of my favourite ways to switch off whilst still feeling inspired […]

I’ll let you in on something – the topic / story within has been so highly requested. But on the flip side, it’s been something that I haven’t quite been ready to share until now.  Whilst I’m still a little nervous to put it into the world… I can’t deny what an important message and reminder […]

A few months ago I asked people for suggestions on who I should feature on the podcast and Sarah Fisher (today’s guest) was highly suggested! The moment her name popped up and I insta-stalked her, I fell in love with her thoughtful, personal and beautiful designs. As a graphic designer and published illustrator, Sarah has […]

I have a love hate relationship with personal branding. Whilst it’s a remarkable way to create an online presence which engages with an audience, it brings with it a risk of creating an unhealthy relationship with your digital content. I’ve first hand experienced of both how powerful and negative it can be, which is why […]

If you’ve listened to past podcast episodes, you’ll have probably heard me mention time and time again just how important it is for us as business owners to get in community with people who get it. After experiencing total isolation in my first year of business, I learnt just how much changes when we connect […]