My boyfriend’s experience of dating an entrepreneur, how what I do impacts out relationship & what we’ve learnt along the way | 031


We all know that running a business can be incredibly challenging for us as entrepreneurs, but I think we often disregard the (sometimes negative) impact what we do can have on those around us. So much of what I’ve achieved wouldn’t have happened without the support of those around me, but dealing with someone who has an unconventional relationship with their work definitely isn’t always easy for them. 

The lines are blurred between my work and personal time, I struggle to properly switch off, my close ones are often shared online and my priorities don’t always line up with their expectations. It’s something we all experience (in varying degrees) as business owners but a topic I’ve never heard openly discussed, so here it is.

I sat down with Cre (my boyfriend) to dive a bit deeper into how my work has impacted him / our relationship. It’s a chatty but incredibly real episode… enjoy !


As mentioned in the episode, he’s a little social media shy, but if you fancy following in the hope that he’ll post again someday… here’s his INSTAGRAM. 

And to discover more about his photography & videography services, you can check out his WEBSITE here. 


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