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This episode honestly feels totally full circle for me. The Creative Leap podcast hosted by today’s guest was actually the very first podcast I ever listened to and something that sparked me to start my own podcast journey a year ago. I reached out to Cat for some advice back then and she also happened […]

If you’ve been connecting with me for a while, you’ll know I recently had a very exciting launch within my business – Gather & Grow, a workshop style retreat for female entrepreneurs. In my usual style, I jumped head first into the launch, ready to figure out the details as I went along and trusting […]

So you’re looking to start a podcast? I was in your shoes just over a year ago and I get how it feels – overwhelming, totally new and a little confusing? Yep, I have been there. When I was looking for help online, I was totally overwhelmed with everything involved in launching a podcast. From […]

Would your business survive without Instagram? Survive may seem like a bit of an extreme word, but in actual fact, so many business’ solely rely on the app to market their goods or services. It’s understandable. Instagram is ‘the place to be’ for many of us; it feels fun, relevant, and natural, so why work […]

It wasn’t until I hosted the Insta Story Thing (my own Instagram challenge focused on creating better stories) that I actually considered what how they work for my business. Fast forward to now and I’m a huge advocate for using them to grow, serve and connect with your audience online. In this week’s episode, I […]

When we love our business, it’s only natural to attach A LOT of emotion to our social platforms and this has positives and negatives. In this episode, I’ll be serving you with a dose of encouragement rather than something to do / work / action.  On one hand, more emotion can make us care more, […]

Let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than listening to a podcast and it just so happens to fit into my everyday really, really well. Walking the dog? Podcast. Driving solo? Podcast. Craving some distraction? Yes, you guessed it, podcast. They’re one of my favourite ways to switch off whilst still feeling inspired […]

I have a love hate relationship with personal branding. Whilst it’s a remarkable way to create an online presence which engages with an audience, it brings with it a risk of creating an unhealthy relationship with your digital content. I’ve first hand experienced of both how powerful and negative it can be, which is why […]

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll know that last week I carried out a little experiment. Through a series of 3 posts I lied to my followers, intentionally sharing visuals and captions which were far from reality. The purpose? To open up a conversation surrounding the relationship we have with social media, exploring […]

Instagram has to be one of my favourite platforms. There’s something about the way it empowers us to connect with others, share our own narrative in a creative way and surround ourselves with community and inspiration, with there always being something new to try out. Despite this, I’m hearing more and more from those using […]