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Let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than listening to a podcast and it just so happens to fit into my everyday really, really well. Walking the dog? Podcast. Driving solo? Podcast. Craving some distraction? Yes, you guessed it, podcast. They’re one of my favourite ways to switch off whilst still feeling inspired […]

I have a love hate relationship with personal branding. Whilst it’s a remarkable way to create an online presence which engages with an audience, it brings with it a risk of creating an unhealthy relationship with your digital content. I’ve first hand experienced of both how powerful and negative it can be, which is why […]

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll know that last week I carried out a little experiment. Through a series of 3 posts I lied to my followers, intentionally sharing visuals and captions which were far from reality. The purpose? To open up a conversation surrounding the relationship we have with social media, exploring […]

Instagram has to be one of my favourite platforms. There’s something about the way it empowers us to connect with others, share our own narrative in a creative way and surround ourselves with community and inspiration, with there always being something new to try out. Despite this, I’m hearing more and more from those using […]

The term ‘digital marketing’ is made up of so many elements – social media, email marketing, visual branding, website… the list goes on. It’s a puzzle which is most effective when all the pieces are in place, but from my experience there’s on element which isn’t always the most popular to talk about – websites. […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you’ll probably be bored to death of hearing four letters, GDPR… Anyone else feel a bit sick every time they see / hear it? I think it’s slightly ironic that a legislation intended to minimise unwanted emails has resulted in my inbox being bombarded […]

As entrepreneurs who work for and by ourselves, we very often have to understand all areas of our business, whether that be accounts / marketing / customer service / HR. Something I’ve always had a limited grasp on is PR, believing the mis-conception that it was just for big corporates and wasn’t relevant for my […]

How hard is your content working for you? I’ll begin by mentioning that when I’m talking about content, I’m not talking about Instagram posts or tweets. I’m talking about the pieces such as blogs, videos or podcasts, which we often pour large amounts of our time and energy into. Regardless of which platforms you’re on […]

Ever sat down in front of your computer and had no idea what to post? Spent hours scrolling through your camera roll, figuring out what to put on Instagram? Had your word document open, but no clue on what your blog post should be? If you’ve ever felt that way, then this an episode for […]

If you’re a member of the Insta world, you’ve probably seen story templates going around… a graphic where you answer questions / fill in a form and then upload it to your story. Those which I’ve seen are Q&A based, and although they seem fun I struggled to understand how they would serve a wider […]