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If you’re familiar with my story, you’ll know I started working for myself at 17 years old and over the years, have definitely noticed the impact starting so young has had on both me and my business. To explore this topic, I thought I’d sit down with a guest who shares a similar story… Polly […]

When I first heard the story of todays guest, I knew it wouldn’t be one I’d forget easily. And when I began planning year 2 of the podcast, inviting her to sit down in conversation with me was a no-brainer. The woman in question here is the lovely Syreeta, founder of lifestyle store Moments of […]

The trajectory of the next 2 weeks has changed, a lot. I’m a little anxious to see what life without work (and now, a boyfriend) holds. What will I do? How will I feel? Who will I report back to and stay connected to? We’ll see, won’t we.  Day 1 Got a bit tipsy by […]

In the first of two bonus episodes released today, I’m sharing what it’s taken for me to plan my first proper Christmas break and exactly how I’ve made it happen. I rarely take real time away from my business, however right now, 2 whole weeks of no work at all feels very needed. I couldn’t […]

I’ve always been in total awe of mothers. The closest I come to having a baby is caring for my dog and running my business, a world away from being responsible for breathing tiny humans. When considering who to explore this topic with, I knew that Megan, as a mother of two young boys and […]

Without a doubt, one of my favourite things about what I do is meeting the people I get to work with. I always value people who can be honest and are willing to show the behind the scenes of what they do because that’s such an important part of running a business – the actual […]

This episode is an incredibly personal one for me. You may already know I run a business, but what you might not know is I do this alongside suffering with depression and everyday I’m presented with two options; to lean in, or to opt out. In this episode, I discuss my own experiences with depression, […]

What first comes to mind when I say ‘self-care?’ A bubble bath? Relaxing on an exotic beach with a book? Yoga? Since I made the conscious decision for this podcast to cover the unspoken topics of running your own business, I knew right away that I needed to speak about self-care, and not the fluffy […]

Twelve months ago, I believed the myth that a six-figure launch was as easy as some Facebook adverts, a lead magnet and a sales funnel. Oh how I was wrong. I also made the assumption that because this business model worked for others, it would work for me too and I would experience the same […]

We all know that running a business can be incredibly challenging for us as entrepreneurs, but I think we often disregard the (sometimes negative) impact what we do can have on those around us. So much of what I’ve achieved wouldn’t have happened without the support of those around me, but dealing with someone who […]