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If you’re familiar with this podcast, you’ll know I’m a little efficiency obsessed. Anything which will save me time, make me more productive and ultimately give me more freedom to work ON my business is a total winner for me, In the first of this weeks’ take5 episodes, I’m sharing 5 apps which have helped […]

Welcome to the 50th episode of Starting The Conversation! Uploaded exactly a year to date since the podcast first launched! I’ve loved hosting this podcast over the last twelve months and sharing the real-life narrative of running a business with you and I’m so happy you’re tuning in to listen.  To celebrate this milestone, I […]

If you’ve been connecting with me for a while, you’ll know I recently had a very exciting launch within my business – Gather & Grow, a workshop style retreat for female entrepreneurs. In my usual style, I jumped head first into the launch, ready to figure out the details as I went along and trusting […]

Would your business survive without Instagram? Survive may seem like a bit of an extreme word, but in actual fact, so many business’ solely rely on the app to market their goods or services. It’s understandable. Instagram is ‘the place to be’ for many of us; it feels fun, relevant, and natural, so why work […]

Whilst ‘new year new me’ isn’t my thing, I’m all for using any opportunity to look ahead, set intentions and get my tiny brain in gear. So in the first episode of 2019, I’m talking all things INTENTIONS. Tune in to discover just how I did at achieving my 2018 intentions, find out the personal […]

It’s safe to say that this has been a pretty full on year for my business… Through a whole host of highs, lows, challenges and achievements, the past 12 months have been rich in lessons. If you fancy gaining an insight into my business this year, tune into this episode to discover 5 truths my […]

Confession. My phone usage often totals 7+ hours a day. Pretty awful right? Well, whilst I’m taking a much-needed break from work this Christmas, I’m committed to stepping back from and breaking up with my phone. We can shut our laptops, clear our calendars and put our out of office on, however our phones make […]

In the first of two bonus episodes released today, I’m sharing what it’s taken for me to plan my first proper Christmas break and exactly how I’ve made it happen. I rarely take real time away from my business, however right now, 2 whole weeks of no work at all feels very needed. I couldn’t […]

Now that the year is coming to a close and 2019 feels scarily close, I’ve been reflecting on how my business has developed over the last twelve months. Investing in my business (with both time and money) has created significant growth this year and I’ve seen a direct link between intentionally putting time and money […]

It wasn’t until I hosted the Insta Story Thing (my own Instagram challenge focused on creating better stories) that I actually considered what how they work for my business. Fast forward to now and I’m a huge advocate for using them to grow, serve and connect with your audience online. In this week’s episode, I […]