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When I first heard the story of todays guest, I knew it wouldn’t be one I’d forget easily. And when I began planning year 2 of the podcast, inviting her to sit down in conversation with me was a no-brainer.

The woman in question here is the lovely Syreeta, founder of lifestyle store Moments of Sense and Style. MOSS was born from a desire to create light out of darkness after her partner Rob suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke in 2014 and their lives changed forever. I found myself in complete awe of her courage, kindness and ability to make something beautiful out of a very tragic situation.

Having Syreeta on the podcast really is an honour for me – her courage and honesty is unlike anyone I’ve come across before. In this episode, Syreeta shares what it’s like building a business alongside caring for Rob, how the products they sell are designed around their story and why it’s so important to slow down and appreciate the small precious moments in life.

Syreeta and Rob’s story really is remarkable – I hope you enjoy listening.

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If you want to discover more of Syreeta and Rob’s story, you can hear from both of them via their TEDx talk here.

To continue following Syreeta and Rob’s journey, follow them over on Instagram @momentsofsenseandstyle and if you haven’t discovered the MOSS online store before, you can do so here. Their collection of products are so thoughtful, each created with their story in mind. I personally love the Sydney candle to help me unwind in the evening and the ‘Choose Light’ luxury matches are a gift I always love to give my friends on their birthdays. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode; don’t forget you can connect with me over on Instagram @alice_benham.



  1. Sabi says:

    It was such a pleasure to listen to this young and strong person’s, describing her sudden confrontation with deep sadness, after her partner’s stroke away from Home. I admired. I admired her determination , hard work n Strength, and the way she deals with daily obstacles. I am also proud of their achievement. Being a full time carer is a very difficult job, n to run a business as well, what positivity n commitment. Imlrovement with a stroke perskn is slow, but being i. A loving relationship so much can be achieved. Prkud of Rob n Syreeta. It was a pleasure Alice to listen to you both. Thank you. From Sabi

    1. Alice Benham says:

      Thank you so much for this comment Sabi! It was such an honour to sit down with such a remarkable woman, Syreeta has really done something incredible through such harsh circumstances and I’m so glad you feel the same way. Appreciate you!

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