Habits for productivity, making the most of my time & beating the mid-week ‘belugh’ | 030


Ever have those days where you get to 6pm and it feels like you’ve achieved nothing but scroll through Instagram and open the fridge about 4 times an hour *hoping* there’s something appealing in there?I’m so with you. As one girl bands, our time is precious and this episode is here to ensure you’re making the most of the time you do have.

Over the past 3 years I’ve learnt a fair bit about what it looks like to ensure that an unproductive Monday doesn’t turn into a full week of it, so if you’re ready to learn about the habits I’ve adopted to stay productive, tune into this episode.


Figure out when I work best

Record my wins

Be intentional with my to-do lists

Theme my days, create a structure

Consider the urgent & important matrix


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