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Work with me

Empowering you to establish an effective and sustainable online presence for your business through a personalised blend of expertise, insight and accountability


Craving an effective online presence which truly serves your business?

Struggling to figure out where and how you should be showing up online?

Confused by how your website / social media / mailing list etc should all work together?

Wanting to make an impact but worried you'll put yourself out there and get nothing back?


I get it. People are telling you to grow an email list, use Pinterest, host a podcast and do 6284 other things at once, whilst you’re just figuring out if you’ve even got something worth sharing. Well, let me tell you – digital marketing can be intentional, effective AND sustainable – without the stress (and yes, you DO have something worth sharing online!)

As a digital marketing coach I’ll work alongside you to build an online presence for your business which is both effective and sustainable. I’m not here to do the work for you or tell you some quick fix, but empower you with the expertise and application needed to establish a digital marketing strategy which truly serves your business.

As every client is unique, so is the way I work with them…



Megan Collins, Blossom & Crumb

Working with Alice has been such a fantastic experience. She has given me tools to help increase engagement on instagram which was one of my main areas of interest in the work that we were doing... But perhaps most the most exciting outcome in terms of my business is that Alice managed to mould some scattered thoughts that I had about other ways in which I could build on my online presence, into a concrete strategy which most importantly feels achievable and plays to my strengths. There is absolutely no way that I would have arrived at this plan without her insight. She is an absolute pleasure to talk to and genuinely transformative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alice’s services.


McKinzie Jefferson, Photographer

A coaching session with Alice feels like listening to a business podcast and being able to process and brainstorm how this information applies to me and my business. She compliments the things I am doing right in my online marketing but then gives me steps to make it even more effective. SO thankful for her expertise!


Maria, OLT International

I highly recommend Alice! Our coaching sessions were brilliant and I’m thrilled at what was achieved after 8 weeks. I had originally hoped to come away with a social media engagement strategy, but walked away with a multi-channel marketing plan. The sessions were all motivating and I enjoyed having someone there to bounce ideas off each week. Alice has a real skill in helping you to focus your thoughts. She is the perfect confidant!

£450 or 2 payments of £235


£1450 or 3 payments of £500


£450 or 2 payments of £235


The Social 180 package is ideal for those who would benefit from a short-term injection of expertise, intention and accountability.

If you’re already on the road to using digital marketing effectively, but want to level up or focus on a certain area, then this is the package for you! By the end of our 2-3 months together you’ll feel confident in how you’re using digital marketing to grow your business, connect with the right followers and achieve profitability through your content.

Topics we can cover: establishing your brand, effective email marketing, putting together a content strategy, SEO, social media marketing (insta, FB, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest), launching a podcast, creating digital products… aka anything digital marketing!

Whats included?

Review your current digital marketing & establish which key areas you want to focus on

Connect for 4x 45 minute sessions (via Skype), setting relevant action steps

Develop a strategy which is going to work for both you & your business

Keep you accountable and answer any of your questions with unlimited email support and a dedicated client portal

Leave you feeling empowered with the expertise and application to level up your digital marketing

£1450 or 3 payments of £500


Social 360 is for those who want to truly transform their digital marketing, across all platforms. If you’re desperate to finally establish an online presence which grows your business, working alongside someone who get’s it– this is the package for you. Over the course of 5-6 months, we’ll work together to…

  • Establish a strategy which is in line with your goals as a business
  • Determine your brand and how this impacts your content
  • Nurture and serve an online following who are relevant to your ideal client
  • Harness your creativity to create relevant & quality content
  • Be intentional with what you post & who you connect with online

Whats included?

Spend a day together to audit your current online presence, dive into the fundamentals of effective marketing and begin to establish the intentions for our work together

Develop and refine an in-depth strategy, unique to your digital marketing goals

Connect for 8x 45 minute calls (via Skype), setting relevant action steps to put the above in action

Stay accountable and ask any questions with unlimited email support and a dedicated client portal

Follow up 3 months on with a 45 minute session to refine and develop what we worked on together

Interested? The next step is to jump on a call together! That way I can discover more about where you're at, answer any questions you have and establish if my coaching will be a good fit for you. Just click the button below - I'd so love to hear form you!
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